1. Bullet FROM THE VAULTS....


And a few reference points from Andrew Leonard’s dim and distant past....

1959 Lead role in School nativity play was marred by the humiliation of having a chorus member getting sick over me in full view of audience, after which I resolved to stay out of limelight indefinitely!

1968 Romeo and Juliet (board op for the school play!)

1972-5 TCD DU Players ( 3 years of total immersion in drama and other alternatives to study)

1976-79 Board op at RTE

1978 Lit the Slane Castle Ball with Rupert Murray, our first joint venture, with additional joint assistance from Bernard Griffin

1978 Stage and Location Lighting founded by Andrew Leonard & Rupert Murray, later joined by Bernard Griffin

1979 Project 24 Hour Dark Space (our first ever gig for the company, featured, amongst others the unknown U2, who played at 4a.m. in the presence of Bill Graham and Paul McGuinness, who was soon to sign them)

1979-81 Ballisodare Folk Festival The legendary festival in a tent in Sligo. Always acoustic until ’81 when Paul Brady did his first-ever electric set. When Chuck Berry arrived in the field a limo he blew the punters and the budget away. The festival never recovered.

1982+83 Castlebar Rock Festival (Ian Dury/Pretenders/Moving Hearts/Undertones etc)

1984 Lighting Dimensions emerged from the merger of Stage and Location and Bourke Strand Electric.

1988 Liquidation of Lighting Dimensions Mark 1 (‘twas fun while it lasted)

1988 ‘Lighting Dimensions WL’ set up, with great support from White Light in London.

1988 “The Session” (the very first concerts at the Point)

1994 Left Lighting Dimensions, started Lighting Design Associates